War in Ukraine: Lessons identified and learned




Russia’s current war against Ukraine demonstrated the readiness of the democratic world to unite in the fight for freedom and values.

Ukraine’s lessons in resilience should become the country’s important asset for its further Euro-Atlantic integration. NATO and EU defense structures stand to learn a great deal from Ukrainian’s combat experience.

This report analyzes policies and practices that have impacted Ukraine’s resilience in the face of Russian aggression in seven different sectors:

– Security and defense,

– Economy,

– Energy and critical Infrastructure,

– STRATCOM and countering disinformation,

– Media,

– Cyber resilience,

– Civil society.

The results of the research comprise positive and negative lessons of Ukraine within the period immediately preceding 24 February 2022 (the start the full-scale invasion) until the end of 2022.


Джерело: https://europeanvalues.cz/en/war-in-ukraine-lessons-identified-and-learned/